Sustainability is our responsibility.
Our communities depend on us to do what’s right for the planet. Wayfair is committed to taking an active stand to protect our environment and the home we all share.
Responsible Sourcing
We are committed to responsible and ethical product sourcing. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the expectations for our suppliers to adhere to strict human rights, labor, and environmental protection standards in their procurement and manufacturing processes. We also view product-ingredient and sourcing transparency as paramount to the customer experience. Through our  Shop Sustainably feature, shoppers can discover products that meet global environmental and social certifications or standards, as indicated by suppliers.
Our packaging team regularly evaluates opportunities to use more efficient and sustainable materials and methods. The team works to ensure that our products arrive damage-free and with a lower environmental footprint through efforts like reducing excess air space in boxes and utilizing recyclable packing materials.
We continuously evaluate renewable energy and carbon-reduction strategies that address the impacts of our operations, including investing in renewable energy credits for our eight most energy-intensive sites. In our commitment to reduce waste across our supply chain, we donate thousands of pieces of furniture each year to local nonprofits. Not only does this help furnish homes for families in need, but also keeps returned or excess products out of landfills.
At Wayfair, our goal is to help customers easily find products that meet their needs. When shopping on Wayfair, you can select the Shop Sustainably™ filter to view products that have been certified for lower environmental impacts, responsible sourcing, improved air quality and more.

What’s New

16 November 2021, 11:23 am
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14 July 2021, 4:02 pm
At Wayfair, we have always focused on creating an exceptional shopping experience for our customers, which means empowering them to easily find the products that meet their needs.
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