Wayfair Makes it Simple to "Shop Sustainably"

At Wayfair, we have always focused on creating an exceptional shopping experience for our customers, which means empowering them to easily find the products that meet their needs.

Those needs often include products that are more sustainable. That’s why, as part of our ongoing commitment to reduce the impacts of our products and supply chain, we’re offering a new way for everyone to find and shop for more sustainable home products.

It all starts with a search


Wayfair’s powerful search engine gets even better with our “Sustainable Search” feature, allowing customers to shine a spotlight on the over 400,000 certified sustainable products offered on our platform. From furniture to decor, each of these products meets specific environmental, health and indoor air quality, and community-related standards and certifications, meaning you can shop comfortably – and consciously – for your home.

“As we continue to focus on creating the best possible shopping experience for home, we are pleased to showcase our thousands of supplier partners that have committed to meeting high global sustainability standards for manufacturing and design,” said Derek Oliver, Head of Government Affairs and Corporate Responsibility at Wayfair. “With our ‘Shop Sustainably’ search functionality, we are providing access to the broadest selection of sustainable home products, and we look forward to expanding this offering to help our customers quickly and easily find the products that meet their needs – and match their values.”

Certifications made simple

With this feature, every Wayfair shopper can now access up to 14 sustainability-specific features that meet one or more of over 60 globally recognised sustainability certifications and standards.

Maybe you know what’s important to you when shopping sustainably, but aren’t sure which certifications match your values. We’ve put together this simple guide that overviews all 14 features, each placed into one of three categories:

  • Healthy Home — for health and indoor air quality standards
  • Eco-Friendly — for environmental standards
  • Globally Conscious — for community-related standards

Take a look and find the certifications that are most important to you. Once you’re ready, head over to and try out the Sustainable Search feature for yourself.

Sustainability is our responsibility – and our customers, employees, partners and communities all depend on it. Wayfair is committed to taking an active stand to protect our environment through a more responsible supply chain. We support and embed responsible sourcing, packaging and distribution of products in our business, taking an active stand in protecting our environment and the world we share. You can find out more about Wayfair’s sustainability efforts here.