Recruiter Jonathan Hislop shares four key tips for nailing the Wayfair interview

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“We would like to move you to the interview stage,” is the thing that every candidate wants to hear. At first, you can feel excited about the idea of getting closer to an offer, but soon other questions can begin to flood your mind.

“What are they going to evaluate me on?” “How long is it going to be?” How do I prepare?” Interviewing can be nerve-wracking, but here, Recruiter Jonathan Hislop provides his top tips on how to be best prepared.

Why Wayfair?

When coming into a Wayfair interview be prepared to answer the question “Why Wayfair?” We expect that candidates can talk about why they have invested the time to interview here. Doing research about the company and its growth is a great way to make an impression on hiring personnel.

Answer Behavioral Based Question with S.T.A.R. Method 

When interviewing at Wayfair, you will be asked behavioural based questions. Being able to answer these concisely is a great way to find success when interviewing. We recommend that candidates come in with examples of their previous experience and relay answers with the S.A.R. Method. S.A.R. stands for Situation, Action, and Results. When asked questions, be prepared to answer with an example in which you can explain the situation you were in, the action you took, and the result that followed. By following this answering methodology you will be able to provide concise responses.

It’s All in the Details 

When recalling examples, be sure to provide details within your answers. It is important for the interviewer to understand your individual contribution to your experience. Wayfair fosters an environment of both collaboration as well as individual ownership. Focus on “I” instead of “We” to communicate the impact of your experience in an honest way. In addition, make an effort to use metrics and data, as it provides definitive results.

Ask Clarifying Questions

Interviewing can be complex at times. If you are confused, always feel free to ask clarifying questions. We want candidates to feel comfortable. It is also good for interviewers to see that you are thinking critically about the problem/question.

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