Wayfair’s Culture Ambassador programme offers candidates a deeper understanding of company culture

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At Wayfair, we understand that for candidates considering joining our team, a large part of that consideration is weighed by how they perceive our company culture and whether they feel represented in the workplace. It’s important for them to feel like Wayfair is somewhere they can be themselves, and we want every employee – current and future – to feel welcome. In pursuit of that goal, we offer candidates the opportunity to meet with our Culture Ambassadors outside the formal interview process.

Connect and converse

As candidates move through the interview process, they’re also given the opportunity to connect with one of our Culture Ambassadors for a confidential conversation on company culture, values, diversity, inclusion, or any other topics the candidate chooses. These conversations are entirely confidential and serve as an informal, personal way for candidates to have genuine discussions with Wayfair employees and to ask them questions they may not normally feel comfortable asking in a formal interview setting. It’s also a great opportunity to connect candidates with Wayfair employees who may have shared experiences similar to their own. By the end of those conversations, our goal is for candidates to feel that they have an accurate understanding of what it’s like to work with us and are armed with the information they need to make their decision.

Who’s eligible for the programme?

In short: everyone! Our Culture Ambassador programme is available to any candidates who are interested in learning more about Wayfair’s workplace culture generally, and/or diversity, equity and inclusion topics specifically. When they are invited to a formal interview, candidates are also given the option to opt in to be connected to, and have conversations with, designated Culture Ambassadors within Wayfair. If they’re interested, we schedule a time for them to connect and let the conversations go from there

What’s the goal?

The Culture Ambassador programme is in a unique position to accomplish a few different goals. First, as more candidates have genuine experiences with employees who represent a variety of different dimensions of diversity through culture conversations, more candidates from diverse backgrounds may accept offers at Wayfair. This, in turn, will diversify our teams across Wayfair as a whole over time due to more inclusive hiring and a greater cultural shift within our company.

Second, the programme serves as a fantastic opportunity to enhance the overall candidate experience, giving them a unique way to communicate with employees and better understand company culture—possibly in a way that they’ve never been able to do before at previous roles or interviews.

If you’re considering applying to Wayfair and are curious about our company culture, our Culture Ambassador programme may be a great way for you to get the answers you’re looking for and the most out of your experience as a candidate.

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