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Wayfair Contributes 100.000 € to Aktion Deutschland Hilft to Support Flood Relief Efforts in Germany

Devastating flooding across Germany and Western Europe has caused many people to lose their lives, homes and livelihoods in recent days, with countless people still missing. Our thoughts are with those affected by this catastrophic event and we are committed to providing support to our community here in Germany.

To support relief efforts, Wayfair will make a direct contribution of 100,000 € to Aktion Deutschland Hilft, an alliance of more than 20 aid organizations that have been active in over 100 countries worldwide and are certified by the German Donation Council. Their goal is to ensure the efficient use of donations and to help people in need with concerted, quick and coordinated emergency relief.


“Our hearts are with all those affected. Many communities in Germany are in desperate need right now, which is why we are providing fast and unbureaucratic help by contributing to Aktion Deutschland Hilft,” said Sascha Hower, Head of Operations at Wayfair in Europe.

In addition to this contribution, Wayfair is empowering employees through employee matching benefits to donate to German charities for recovery efforts and will match every employee donation: “Employees across Europe immediately asked us how they can contribute and donate as soon as they heard the news of the devastating floods”, continued Hower. “Having experienced so much solidarity and compassion during these difficult times gives reason for hope. We are deeply grateful for the hard work from all first responders and volunteers on the ground who are fighting tirelessly against the consequences of this devastating flood”, he added.