Wayfair 2022 Trends: Our predictions for the new year

2022 is upon us and on this cycle around the sun we’re seeing a desire for looks that both uplift and comfort. Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair's Resident Style Advisor, shares six of her predictions for what we'll be seeing in Design and Interiors in 2022.


1. Way Out West

Stick ’em up, there’s a new trend in town. Go wild for all things Western with a look that showcases old Americana at its cosiest. Raw denim and woven
textiles are a match made in heaven for leather finishings and wooden furniture, bringing a rustic warmth that has us longing for simpler times.

Wilder Westen Lifestyle (3).jpg

Hues of sepia browns, deep blues and rusty terracottas transport us to the wide open landscapes of prairies and ranchlands, bringing a breath of fresh air to any home. Look out for quaint equestrian motifs that no modern cowboy or cowgirl will be able to resist...

2. Sculpted Simplicity

After a turbulent two years, it’s no wonder that we’re drawn to the quiet strength and grounding effects of sculptural art. Soft colours and irregular shapes calm and soothe without disrupting our space,giving us room to breathe and simply be. Choose monochromes in shades of sand or stone for a look that’s neutral enough to work with the space you have while still bringing an element of something extra. This is a trend for those who like to keep things simple but thrive from pops of inspiration and subtle beauty.

Organische Stille Lifestyle (3).jpg

3. Naturally Brilliant

Perhaps another symptom of enduring lockdowns within the confines of our homes,nature-inspired trends continue to be on the rise. Naturally Brilliant reminds us to stop and smell the roses every once in a while and stay humble to the beauty of nature.

Faszination Erde Lifestyle (2).jpg

Paying homage to the intricacy of the natural world,hues of greens, blues and golds mirror the feathers of a bird or details of a seashell. Iridescent accents are key for an eye-catching finish, while agate details and fauna-inspired finds add a touch of natural bliss to our home

4. Golden Age Glamour

Taking inspiration from the ritz of Golden Age Hollywood,this trend is more than just a little razzle-dazzle. Embracing a true ‘more is more’ aesthetic, we’re influenced by vintage glamour á la The Great Gatsby for a look that’s truly decadent.

Hommage an Hollywood Lifestyle (2).jpg

Sumptuous textiles, gilded accents and bold colours are bringing us some much-needed sparkle and self-love– because we all deserve the best as we bid adieu to a tough year. Find all your glam favourites in one place with our very own brand, Etta Avenue.

5. The Bold Outdoors

Your living space doesn’t have to be confined within four walls; the Bold Outdoors shows us how to claim our outdoor space and turn it into an extension of our homes. It’s the time to go big and go bold! Maximalism is key for adding year-round warmth to our gardens and balconies no matter what the weather

Fröhliche Freiheit Lifestyle (1).jpg

Bright colours, clashing prints and cheerful décor add splashes of personality that will keep you out long after the sun sets. Snuggle up in vibrant textiles, set the mood with cosy lighting and share a drink by the fire – the great outdoors has never looked so good.

6. Creature Comforts
Making a home feel cosy and welcoming isn’t just good for humans! Whether it’s a tiny velvet sofa so our pooches can twin with us or quirky pet toys that a real most as cute as our fur babies, Creature Comforts is one our best friend will love as much as we do.

Creature Comforts Lifestyle 2.jpg

They’ve been our stead fast companions and source of comfort during long lockdown days. Now we’re showing our appreciation with playful pieces, cosy beds and eclectic accessories to pamper our pets and give them a taste of luxury too