A Trip to Boston and Wayfair Co-Founder Steve Conine Inspired This Student to Apply to Wayfair

This article is part of our series "Employee Spotlight," where we speak to and highlight some of the wonderful people who make up the exceptional teams at Wayfair.

Since joining Wayfair in Berlin two years ago, Daria Khlybova has become an integral part of the Wayfair team as a European Exclusive Brands Associate. Continue on to read our interview with Daria and learn more about why she joined Wayfair and her role on the Exclusive Brands team.


What brought you to Wayfair?

"During my Masters program, I had a chance to go to Boston for a short exchange semester, which included visits to several companies, including Wayfair HQ. Steve Conine gave a presentation, explaining the company's business model, establishing history and various obstacles and interesting facts that were faced in the process. The speech was so interesting and inspiring that I decided to apply."

What is your day-to-day like?

"My tasks could vary greatly from day to day, but I would be always certain that they would include communicating with different stakeholders (70+ of cross-functional stakeholders that I’m regularly in contact with). My main role as a brand manager includes bringing Wayfair Brands to life by planning through multiple phases (from Brand Concept to Brand Hard Launch and Maintenance). All the phases require both creative thinking (eg. brand concept creation and omni-channel launch campaign conceptualization) and critical thinking (eg. launch campaign performance analysis, brand’s assortment health check)."

Your team has recently launched new Exclusive Brands in the EU. Can you share more about your involvement in those launches, most recently with Wayfair Basics?

"Wayfair Basics is the fourth Flagship Brand that launches in Europe with a focus on affordable and practical home essentials. As part of the Exclusive Brands Brand Management team, I supported the brand concept development and the communication of the launch through various marketing channels."

Why Wayfair? What makes it a great place to grow your career? 

"The dynamic culture, inclusion and willingness to support and develop talent make Wayfair a great place to work.Your opinion will be valued and you’ll always be encouraged to share it, regardless of your seniority level."

How would you describe the culture at Wayfair?

"Wayfair cares a lot about diversity and talent from different cultural and professional backgrounds. In my opinion this approach really defines a company's success on the market. Your co-workers will be great specialists, contributing not to the company’s development, but also to yours, sharing knowledge, experience and simply being very supportive colleagues."

Do you have any special interests / hobbies outside of work?

"I love cooking in general and baking especially. It makes me feel confident and relaxed, because I’d always know how it will turn out when I mix certain ingredients."

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